University Police - Daily Crime Log

University Police

Daily Crime Log: 9/21/2014 - 9/22/2014

Police activity reported within the date range above is displayed below. The crime log is normally updated within two business days, excluding days UNCW is closed.

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Date OccurredDate ReportedTypeLocationDispositionDescription
9/16/2014 2:00pm9/17/2014 4:19 PMLarceny5021 Cahill Drive (Seahawk Crossing 2)Further InvestigationRegistered unsecured bicycle taken
9/13/2014 11:59am9/16/2014 11:12 AMSex OffenseResident HallFurther InvestigationSubject reported sexual assault on campus
9/12/2014 5:00pm9/16/2014 8:51 AMLarceny4721 Eaton Plaza (James Hall)Further InvestigationRigestered secured bicycle taken
9/15/2014 5:00pm9/16/2014 8:43 AMLarceny4721 Eaton Plaza (James Hall)Further InvestigationOutside sign reported taken
9/15/2014 12:33am9/15/2014 12:35 AMWeapons Violation5061 Riegel Road (Graham Hall)ClosedSubject referred for possession of weapon (knife) on campus
9/12/2014 1:15pm9/14/2014 4:53 PMLarceny5216 Randall Drive (Friday Hall)Further InvestigationRegistered secured bicycle taken
9/12/2014 1:00pm9/12/2014 3:45 PMLarceny5070 Price Drive (Student Rec Center)Further InvestigationSubject reported money taken from wallet.
9/12/2014 12:55pm9/12/2014 2:00 PMLarceny690 Hamilton Drive (Trask Coliseum)Further InvestigationUnregistered secured bicycle taken
8/16/2014 11:59am9/12/2014 12:44 PMSex OffenseOn CampusFurther InvestigationSubject reported sexual assault on campus
9/12/2014 10:02am9/12/2014 11:03 AMLarceny4893 Price Drive(CIS Building)Further InvestigationRegistered unsecured bicycle taken
9/12/2014 2:14am9/12/2014 2:16 AMDWICahill DriveClosedSubject arrested for DWI
9/12/2014 1:23am9/12/2014 1:25 AMAlcohol Violation5121 Trihouse Drive (Cornerstone)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol underage 21, and fictitious Id card.
9/11/2014 8:43pm9/11/2014 8:45 PMOther OffenseRiegel RoadClosedSubject arrested for possession of fictitious identification card.
9/11/2014 1:55pm9/11/2014 4:55 PMLarceny5015 Price Drive (Teaching Lab)Further InvestigationUnregistered secured bicycle taken
9/4/2014 2:00pm9/11/2014 2:34 PMLarceny601 Hamilton Drive (King Hall)ClosedRigestered and secured bicycle taken
9/8/2014 7:30 AM9/9/2014 4:54 PMLarceny4989 Riegel Rd (Belk Hall)Further InvestigationA registered/secured bicycle was stolen.
9/7/2014 10:07 PM9/7/2014 10:08 PMDrug Violation5121 Trihouse Drive (Cornerstone Hall)ReferredOne resident student was referred for possession of marijuana.
9/5/14 2:00 PM - 9/7/14 12:45 PM9/7/2014 6:05 PMLarceny5065 Riegel Road (Hewlett Hall)Further InvestigationA registered and secured bicycle was reported stolen.
9/6/2014 5:15 - 6:15 PM9/6/2014 6:16 PMLarceny5151 Suite Service Loop (Wagoner Hall)Further InvestigationA longboard was reported stolen from the rack at the dining hall.
9/6/2014 1:30 AM9/6/2014 1:31 AMDrug Violation5110 Seahawk Landing Drive (SHL #3)ReferredTwo resident students were referred for possession of marijuana, one for underage possession of alcohol and two non-university members were trespassed for alcohol violations.
9/6/2014 12:50 AM9/6/2014 12:51 AMAlcohol Violation4989 Riegel Road (Belk Hall)ReferredOne resident student referred for underage consumption.
9/5/2014 11:55 PM9/5/2014 11:58 PMAlcohol Violation5238 Suite Service Loop (Suite U)ReferredOne resident student referred for underage consumption.
9/5/2014 10:03 PM9/5/2014 10:04 PMAlcohol Violation 5061 Riegel Road (Graham Hall)OtherTwo non-university members trespassed for underage possession.
9/4/14 4:00 PM - 9/5/14 3:30 PM9/5/2014 3:54 PMLarceny5070 Price Dr (Rec Center) Further InvestigationA bicycle was reported stolen from an auto bike carrier.
9/5/2014 12:25 - 12:35 PM9/5/2014 2:05 PMLarceny4855 Price Drive (Hawks Nest)UnfoundedAn iPhone was reported stolen. It was returned to the owner later.
9/4/2014 11:15 PM9/4/2014 11:17 PMAlcohol Violation925 Community Drive (HH Lot)ReferredResident student referred for underage consumption.
8/31/14 6:30 PM - 9/4/14 10:50 AM9/4/2014 10:57 AMVandalism5121 Trihouse Dr. (II Lot)Further InvestigationLicense plate torn off of vehicle, causing damage.
9/4/2014 1:55 AM9/4/2014 1:56 AMAlcohol Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ReferredResident student referred for underage consumption
9/2/2014 11:24 AM9/2/2014 3:52 PMLarceny5200 Suite Service Lp (GG Lot)Further InvestigationUnknown individual stole vehicle decal
8/30/2014 9:45 PM9/2/2014 1:35 PMSimple Assault680 Hamilton Dr (Hanover Hall)OtherUnknown individual bumping game official
9/2/2014 9:00 AM9/2/2014 9:15 AMLarceny720 Hamilton Dr (Nixon Annex)Further InvestigationRegistered/secured bicycle stolen
9/1/2014 12:33 PM9/1/2014 12:34 PMDisorderly Conduct5100 Riegel RdClosedNon-University member trespassed for misuse of emergency call box.
9/1/2014 12:23 AM9/1/2014 12:24 AMAlcohol Violation5021 Cahill Dr (SHC 2)ClosedNon-University member trespassed for underage consumption.
8/31/2014 1:57am8/31/2014 1:59 AMAlcohol Violation1123 Walton Drive (Schwartz Hall)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol underage 21.
8/30/2014 3:01am8/30/2014 3:03 AMAlcohol Violation4989 Riegel Raod (Belk Hall)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol underage 21
8/29/2014 10:01pm8/29/2014 10:03 PMDrug Violation1014 Seahawk Village Loop (building #2) ReferredSubject referred for possession of marijuana.
8/28/2014 8:55pm8/29/2014 3:00 PMLarceny5121 Trihouse Drive (Cornerstone)Further InvestigationSubject reported One card and room key taken.
8/27/2014 3:30pm8/29/2014 1:11 PMLarceny720 Hamilton Drive ( Nixon Annex)OtherRegistered secured bicycle taken
08/27/2014 1:00 PM8/28/2014 1:04 PMLarceny1008 Walton Dr (Sci Mod Unit #2)OtherLarceny of unsecure skateboard.
8/27/2014 3:52pm8/27/2014 3:54 PMDrug Violation5061 Riegel Road ( Graham Hall)ClosedSubject arrested for possession of schedule 1 narcotic and marijuana.
8/25/2014 4:50pm8/25/2014 7:33 PMLarceny5061 Riegel Road (Graham Hall)Further InvestigationRegistered unsecured bicycle taken
8/25/2014 9:14am8/25/2014 6:13 PMSex Offense671 Racine Drive ( Leutze Hall)Further InvestigationSubject reported sexual assault on campus
Mar - Apr 20148/25/2014 10:38 AMSex OffenseUnknownOtherSubject reported sexual assault on campus
8/23/2014 8:30pm8/25/2014 9:41 AMLarceny5061 Riegel Road (Galloway Hall)OtherRegistered Secured bicycle taken
8/24/2014 2:35am8/24/2014 2:37 AMAlcohol Violation5200 Randall DriveReferredSubject referred for consuming underage 21
8/24/2014 1:16am8/24/2014 1:18 AMAlcohol Violation600 Hamilton DriveClosedOne subject arrested for driving after consuming and two referred for consuming underage 21.
8/23/2014 12:45am8/23/2014 12:47 AMAlcohol Violation5100 Cahill Drive (International House)ReferredSbject referred for consuming alcohol under age 21
8/22/2014 9:15pm8/22/2014 9:30 PMLarceny4855 Price Drive (Fisher Union)OtherSubject reported cell phone taken
Some time last year.8/22/2014 3:00 PMSex OffenseunknownOtherSubject reported sexual assault on campus
8/22/2014 1:00pm8/22/2014 2:10 PMLarceny4960 Cahill Drive (Cameron Hall)UnfoundedRegistered secured bicycle taken