University Police - Daily Crime Log

University Police

Daily Crime Log: 1/31/2015 - 2/1/2015

Police activity reported within the date range above is displayed below. The crime log is normally updated within two business days, excluding days UNCW is closed.

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Date OccurredDate ReportedTypeLocationDispositionDescription
1/29/2015 21:25 PM1/30/2015 5:00 AMVandalism971 Reynolds Drive (Parking Deck)Further InvestigationBy unknown persons breaking gate arms
1/30/2015 00:15 AM1/30/2015 12:17 AMDWI800 Hurst DriveClosedIndividual operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
1/29/2015 10:30 AM1/29/2015 11:04 AMVandalism5151 Suite Service Loop (Wagoner Hall)Further InvestigationVehicle door and hood keyed
1/29/2015 6:00 AM1/29/2015 8:35 AMLarceny690 Hamilton Dr (Trask)Further InvestigationDebit cards and driver's license removed from unsecure jacket
01/29/2015 3:00 AM1/29/2015 3:21 AMOther Offense5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway)ReferredSubject referred for misuse of an emergency call box
01/26/201512:00 AM1/28/2015 2:47 PMLarceny5016 Lionfish Dr. (Apt G)Further InvestigationRegistered, unsecured bicycle taken
1/22/2015 3:00 PM1/27/2015 11:55 AMLarceny680 Hamilton Dr. (Hanover Hall)Further InvestigationCopper pipe reported taken
01/26/2015 6:07 PM1/26/2015 8:25 PMLarceny5070 Price Dr. (SRC)Further InvestigationCurrency reported taken from gym bag
01/26/2015 3:46 PM1/26/2015 3:48 PMVandalism1 Marvin K. Moss Lane (CMS)ClosedDamage to shed reported
1/22/2015 3:30 PM1/26/2015 11:37 AMLarceny5162 Randall Dr (Randall Library)Further InvestigationSubject reported I Pad taken
01/25/2015 3:15 AM1/25/2015 3:30 AMDrug Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway)ReferredTwo subjects referred for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
1/25/2015 1:24 AM1/25/2015 1:26 AMAlcohol ViolationRiegel RoadReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol under age 21
01/25/2015 12:31 AM1/25/2015 12:33 AMAlcohol Violation5009 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ReferredTwo subjects referred for consumption of alcohol while less than 21 years of age
01/24/2015 10:55 PM1/24/2015 11:11 PMDisorderly Conduct5065 Riegel Rd (Galloway Hall)ReferredSubject referred for uncooperative and abusive behavior
1/24/2015 9:20 PM1/24/2015 9:42 PMDrug Violation5039 Lionfish Dr. (P Lot)ReferredTwo subjects referred for possesion of marijuana and drug paraphernalia
1/24/2015 9:24 PM1/24/2015 9:32 PMAlcohol Violation1005 Wave Crest Dr. (Apt. A)ReferredSubject referred for consumption of alcohol while less than 21 years of age
1/24/2015 3:31 AM1/24/2015 3:32 AMOther OffenseRandall DriveClosedSubject arrested on a warrant out of New Hanover County
1/23/2015 11:10 AM1/23/2015 12:18 PMLarceny680 Hamilton Dr (Hanover Hall)Further InvestigationSubject reported laptop and car keys taken
01/22/2015 2:59 PM1/22/2015 3:01 PMRobbery5151 Suite Service Loop (Wagoner Hall)OtherSubject reported a person known to her assaulted her, causing minor injury, to gain possession of her car keys and car
1/22/2015 5:30 PM1/22/2015 2:44 PMLarceny5335 Oleander Dr. (Cinema Property)OtherReport of license plate taken
1/22/2015 10:00 AM1/22/2015 11:15 AMLarceny5151 Suite Service Loop (Wagoner Hall)Further InvestigationReport of skateboard taken
01/21/2015 5:04 PM1/22/2015 8:26 AMLarceny615 Hamilton Dr. (Fisher Student Center)Further InvestigationReport of textbooks taken
1/21/2015 9:581/21/2015 10:00 PMDrug Violation5134 Seahawk Landing Dr. (SHL 6)ReferredSubject referred for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia
01/20/2015 12:30 AM1/20/2015 12:31 AMAlcohol Violation5126 Suite Service Loop (Suite Q)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol under age 21
1/18/2015 1:51 AM1/18/2015 1:53 AMDWI900 Block Reynolds DrClosedSubject arrested for DWI
1/18/2015 1:16 AM1/18/2015 1:17 AMAlcohol Violation5255 Randall Dr. (I Lot)ClosedTwo subjects issued state citations for open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle
1/17/2015 10:49 PM1/17/2015 10:51 PMDrug Violation4971 Riegel Rd (L Lot)ClosedOne subject issued state citation for simple possession of marijuana
1/16/2015 9:571/16/2015 9:59 PMCommunicating Threats5121 Trihouse Dr. (Cornerstone)ClosedSubject reported receiving a threat, via telephone, to cause him bodily harm
1/16/2015 9:01 PM1/16/2015 9:03 PMOther Offense906 Walton Dr (SHC 4)ClosedSubject issued state citation for possessing fraudulent identification
1/10/2015 9:00 AM1/16/2015 6:09 PMLarceny1013 Wave Crest Dr. (Apt L)OtherUnregistered, unsecured bicycle taken
1/15/2015 9:39 PM1/15/2015 9:40 PMTrespassWalton DriveClosedIndividual previously trespassed from UNCW arrested after being found on campus
11/09/2014 8:00 PM1/15/2015 10:51 AMLarceny714 Sawtooth Dr. (CC Lot)OtherLicense plate removed and taken
01/14/2015 11:00 PM1/14/2015 11:02 PMDrug Violation4900 Block Riegel RdReferredTwo subjects referred for possession of drug paraphernalia
02/01/2014 12:01 AM1/14/2015 4:35 PMSex OffenseCampusOtherReport of sexual assault on campus
01/13/2015 8:30 PM1/14/2015 12:53 PMLarceny5061 Riegel Rd (Graham Hall)Further InvestigationRegistered, unsecured bicycle taken
12/12/2014 5:00 PM1/13/2015 2:59 PMLarceny515 Wagoner Dr. (Kenan Auditorium)Further InvestigationRegistered, secured bicycle taken
1/12/2015 11:22 PM1/12/2015 11:24 PMCommunicating Threats5065 Riegel Rd (Hewlett Hall)Further InvestigationSubject reported harrassing phone calls from an unidentified caller
1/11/2015 11:00 PM1/12/2015 5:32 PMLarceny4855 Price Dr. (University Union)ClosedUnregistered, unsecured bicycle taken
1/11/2015 8:00 PM1/12/2015 4:15 PMLarceny1068 Seahawk Village Loop (SHV 6)Further InvestigationTwo laptops taken from an unsecured motor vehicle
1/8/2015 12:49 PM1/12/2015 11:00 AMOther Offense5126 Lionfish Dr. (UPD)UnfoundedFinancial transaction card fraud
1/12/2015 1:29 AM1/12/2015 1:31 AMAlcohol Violation5055 Price Dr. (S Lot)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol under the age 21
1/11/2015 2:17 AM1/11/2015 2:19 AMAlcohol Violation5039 Lionfish Dr (P Lot)ReferredSubject referred for possession of alcohol under the age 21
1/10/2015 10:08 PM1/10/2015 10:09 PMAlcohol Violation1005 Wavecrest Dr. (Apt. A)Referred20 subjects referred for possession of alcohol under the age 21
1/10/2015 3:08 AM1/10/2015 3:09 AMDWIHamilton DriveClosedSubject arrested for DWI
1/8/2015 3:11 PM1/8/2015 3:13 PMWeapons Violation745 Wagoner Drive (K Lot)ClosedSubject arrested for possessing a knife on campus
1/6/2015 10:30 PM1/7/2015 7:59 AMOther Offense5021 Cahill Dr. (SHC 2)ClosedSubject arrested for breaking and entering after breaking window to gain entry
01/04/2014 2:42 AM1/4/2015 2:43 AMDWIRandall DrClosedSubject was arrested for DWI.
01/01/2015 3:51 AM1/1/2015 3:51 AMDWI5174 Randall DrClosedSubject arrested for DWI.