Environmental Concerns Organization

Enlarge Logo 1. Increasing interest in environmental activism. This includes promoting solutions to local, state, and national environmental problems both on and off campus. 2. Galvanizing discussion of current environmental events and activities among students. 3. Promoting cordial relations among students, educators, and the environment. 4. Providing resources for the UNCW campus community pertaining to environmental issues. 5. Garnering students and community members to support environmental movements by attending rallies and direct actions at the local, state, and national level.
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Month of Elections: May
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Coomer, Sierra President\Primary Contact sbc5566
Rosier, Kiley Vice-President kmr4634
O'Brien, Keely Treasurer keo8371
Panzer, Alyssa Secretary ap7505
Lewis, Gahiji Other Officer gbl4702
Aguiar, Andre Other Officer aja3782
Paredes, Michelle Other Officer mp4470
Schiappa, Evan Other Officer ers8053
Rosier, Kiley Other Officer kmr4634
Auch, Casey Other Officer cva4810

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Jennifer Biddle

Reservation Delegates
Coomer, Sierra sbc5566
Rosier, Kiley kmr4634

Meeting Information:
Monday7 pmEvery two weeksFR 1014General MeetingOpen

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