Flicker Film Society

Enlarge Logo To create an atmosphere of hands-on learning within film and it’s surrounding industries.
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Month of Elections: March
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Froeb, Sean President\Primary Contact smf2514
Cope, Riggan Vice-President Rac1384
Wolff, Audrey Secretary Aew3921
Pike, Carla Other Officer Cmp8139
Capps, Damien Other Officer dac4816
Cortes, Jorge Other Officer joc9958
Bernardo, Mary Other Officer mb1159
Cannon, Cody Other Officer Cjc6155

Advisor Information:
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Reservation Delegates
Bernardo, Mary mb1159
Cannon, Cody Cjc6155
Cortes, Jorge joc9958

Meeting Information:
Monday7:30 PMWeeklyMorton 100 General MeetingOpen
Wednesday7:00 PMWeeklyLuetze 139Reel Teal MeetingOpen
Tuesday7:00 PMWeeklyLuetze 139Youtube MeetingOpen

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