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Enlarge Logo No Image The Pre-Dental club is an organization created by UNCW students for UNCW students. The sole aim of the UNCW Pre-Dental club is to improve the chances of success for UNCW students aspiring to attend dental school. The UNCW Pre-Dental club provides information through speakers and health professionals, connections to area dentists and orthodontists for observation and job shadowing, as well as opportunities in leadership and dental related community service, which focuses on promoting the oral health of the children in our community. Through participation in the UNCW Pre-Dental club, students will improve their application skills and requirements as well as furthering their knowledge of the dental field.  
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Riordan, Hannah President\Primary Contact hr5152
Taner, Hulya Vice-President hft5147
Taguchi, Arthur Vice-President alt7379
Taner, Hulya Treasurer hft5147
Bishop, Andrew Treasurer abb3132
Lenker, Nicholas Treasurer ndl2651
Van Der Vorst, Marguerite Secretary mmv6470
Sypawka, Lyda Secretary lls3546
Parker, Madison Other Officer mmp5015
Yocum, Nicholas Other Officer njy7978
Anwari, Ida Other Officer ia9256
Williams, Kelsi Other Officer kmw8627
Booker, Christopher Other Officer cbb5892
Flaugher, Rebecca Other Officer rnf3718
Batts, Lawson Other Officer lmb5667
Williams, She'neka Other Officer saw8729
Norman, Alyssa Other Officer amn3504
Wessels, Mark Other Officer msw8067

Advisor Information:
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Reservation Delegates
Riordan, Hannah hr5152

Meeting Information:
Thursday7:30 pmMonthlyCameronmeetingsOpen

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