Pre-Law Society

Enlarge Logo To join together as students who wish to pursue law in future endeavors through LSAT preparations and advising from lawyers and admission councilors.
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Month of Elections: February
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Eury, Margaret President\Primary Contact mme4956
Reses, Abigail Vice-President alr4680
Shannon, Audrey Vice-President aes1320
Leinbach, Andrew Treasurer agl6237
Belford, Madeline Secretary meb4817
Cooper, Peter Other Officer pmc9272
Fox, Jordan Other Officer jaf4973
Enright, Jamie Other Officer jme8813

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Geoffrey A. Zuckerman

Reservation Delegates
Eury, Margaret mme4956
Reses, Abigail alr4680

Meeting Information:

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