Surf Club

Enlarge Logo The purpose of our organization is to provide a friendly group for surfers in the area to find others to surf with. We also aspire to teach anyone who would like to learn how to have a safe time in the ocean.
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Martin, Joseph President\Primary Contact jfm1848
Parr, Justin President\Primary Contact jdp9557
Casper, Michael Vice-President mrc2628
Deets, Britton Treasurer bkd2703
Harrington, Anita Secretary agh2277

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Peter Fritzler

Reservation Delegates
Martin, Joseph jfm1848
Casper, Michael mrc2628
Parr, Justin jdp9557

Meeting Information:
Wednesday7:00 pmEvery two weeksRandall AuditoriumGeneral meeting Open

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