Women in Science & Engineering

Enlarge Logo • TO PROMOTE more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors at UNCW and beyond; • TO ENCOURAGE young females in K-12 to engage in STEM; • TO PROVIDE a forum for educational and emotional support; • TO CREATE mentoring opportunities on campus for members in STEM programs (e.g., between faculty and students and between graduate and undergraduate students); • TO ADVOCATE equality in the pursuit of a profession in the STEM fields by women; • TO RECOGNIZE historical and ongoing achievements of women in the STEM fields; • TO PUBLICIZE the professional interests of this organization; • TO ENDEAVOR for excellence and integrity in STEM programs at UNCW; • TO REPRESENT and support UNCW and its STEM programs at professional meetings and excursions away from the University.
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Month of Elections: March
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Pham, Casey President\Primary Contact cep6780
Hoffman, Katherine Vice-President kmh8153
Suresh, Ananya Treasurer as5254
Martinez, Madison Secretary msm9969
Panasiak, Natalie Other Officer nep4515

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Lindsey Baker

Reservation Delegates
Pham, Casey cep6780
Hoffman, Katherine kmh8153

Meeting Information:
Tuesday6:00pmEvery two weeksDeloach Hall 105WiSE Meeting Open

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