Transfer Student Organization

Enlarge Logo The purpose of the TSO is to provide both support and resources that unite transfer students through academic, service, and involvement opportunities. Being a transfer student is a truly unique experience that should be shared. Involvement on campus improves the quality of students' lives and likelihood of success at UNCW.
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Speth, Bryan President\Primary Contact bms7849
Myers, Amanda President\Primary Contact alm2160
Harkins, Tippin President\Primary Contact th5125
Williams, Ashley Vice-President aw2868
Sok, Ashley Vice-President ams3611
Randleman, Brandon Vice-President bmr8054
Shewchuk, Tatiana Vice-President tns9087
Robeson, Bradley Treasurer ber4802
Tate, Andrew Treasurer art7519
Shanks, Elliott Secretary ets1205

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Kaitlyn Shepard

Reservation Delegates
Speth, Bryan bms7849
Randleman, Brandon bmr8054
Shewchuk, Tatiana tns9087
Myers, Amanda alm2160
Harkins, Tippin th5125
Williams, Ashley aw2868

Meeting Information:
Wednesday6pmEvery two weeksCameron HallGeneral MeetingsOpen

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