Transfer Student Organization

Enlarge Logo The purpose of the TSO is to provide support and resources that unite transfer students through academic, service and involvement opportunities. We focus on ALL transfer students, whether they are non-traditional, from another country, veterans or from community colleges throughout the nation. Being a transfer student is a truly unique experience that should be shared. Involvement on campus and in the community improves the lives of students and the quality of their collegiate experience. We are Transfer Students helping other Transfer Students SUCCEED.
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Reaume, Kenneth President\Primary Contact kmr5770
Towles, Kevin Vice-President KMT7930
Glas, David Treasurer djg3210
England, Lindsay Secretary LBE4238
Horan, Stephanie Other Officer SMH8103
Church, Joshua Other Officer JRC8993

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Barbie Cowan

Reservation Delegates
Reaume, Kenneth kmr5770
Towles, Kevin KMT7930

Meeting Information:
Tuesday7:00 pmEvery two weeksDe Loach Hall Room 114Info MeetingsOpen
Wednesday7:00 pmEvery two weeksDe Loach Hall Room 114Info MeetingsOpen

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