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Enlarge Logo Alpha Phi has, since inception, encouraged each member to strive for self-respect and self-knowledge in an effort to foster the personal development of each member. Alpha Phi supports the concept of equality and is committed to building a society where human judgments are based on merit, without regard to gender, race, religious preference, or disability. Alpha Phi firmly repudiates actions and statements that negate the concepts of self-respect, personal development, equality and dignity.
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Month of Elections: November
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Scheffer, Hannah President\Primary Contact hbs4213
Romberg, Grace Vice-President gvr3125
Crump, Monica Vice-President mlc1282
Dreyfus, Gracyn Vice-President gad8080
Kroepke, Katelyn Vice-President kck1275
Miller, Clara Vice-President cgm5802
Wilson, Virginia Vice-President vrw1198
Wombacher, Sierra Other Officer sw2796
Sauls, Taylor Other Officer tgs9978
Perry, Katharine Other Officer kep6086

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Ashley Welch

Reservation Delegates
Scheffer, Hannah hbs4213
Perry, Katharine kep6086

Meeting Information:

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