Wilmington Paranormal Research

Enlarge Logo The purpose of this organization is to bring together students of the University of North Carolina Wilmington and work to reach out to people who are interested in the activities of the club. While participating in this organization, students will develop skills that will assist in numerous aspects of their lives, including communication techniques (knowing how to ask questions and speak in a manner that relates to the entity or entities that are being contacted), computer literacy skills (operating surveillance systems, video/digital cameras, electro-magnetic field meters, thermometers, etc.), teamwork, and leadership. It is up to the students of UNCW to go into these individuals’ homes and businesses, come out with collected audio and video evidence, analyze this evidence for signs of paranormal activity, and return with an answer of whether or not they believe there is a haunting.
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Month of Elections: November
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Wood, Holly President\Primary Contact hmw5255
Jackson, Jessica Vice-President jpj9911
Capps, Damien Treasurer dac4816
Dalsing, Risa Treasurer red3946
Mignosa, Hannah Secretary hpm5848
Fera, Suzanna Other Officer slf2214
Greisiger, Kathryn Other Officer kmg5281
Huffman, David Other Officer djh4490

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Reservation Delegates
Wood, Holly hmw5255

Meeting Information:
Wednesday7:30 PMWeeklyDobo 132 MeetingOpen

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