Pre-Physician Assistant Club

Enlarge Logo No Image The purpose of this club is to both prepare and educate students interested in pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant. The Pre-Physician Assistant Club will enable students with similar interests and goals to help the members understand the requirements for applying to a physician assistant program.
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Toth, Madison President\Primary Contact mmt7882
Omar, Adam Vice-President awo2948
Wright, Schuyler Treasurer sbw3923
Deberry, David Treasurer djd5042
Turner-kelley, Brandi Secretary bct3045
Turner-kelley, Brandi Secretary bct3045
Turner-kelley, Brandi Secretary bct3045
Campbell, Claire Secretary clc7900
Omar, Adam Other Officer awo2948
Painter, Sydney Other Officer sop7173

Advisor Information:
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Reservation Delegates
Toth, Madison mmt7882
Omar, Adam awo2948

Meeting Information:

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