Exercise Science Student Association

Enlarge Logo EXSA's new purpose is to create a bond between students who are in or considering the Exercise Science field by meeting with each other and participating in group exercises together. EXSA is a place where students can connect with each other to gain information about the field, how to prepare for future classes, for grad school, observation hours, to learn what career choices are available, hear from speakers within the field and meet people with similar fitness goals. We meet twice a month on different days and times of the week. Please e-mail one of the officers for more information.
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Month of Elections: November
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Robbins, Katherine President\Primary Contact kpr1188
Sturm, Janee Vice-President jls3670
Gress, Renee Vice-President rmg4659
Ausley, Amber Treasurer ana3040
Gallagher, Brittany Secretary bkg5145
Hoyt, Catherine Secretary cmh7427
Riggins, Kevin Other Officer ker4391

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Dr. Lisa Sprod

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