Archery Club

Enlarge Logo The purpose of this organization is to help archers of all skill levels develop their abilities in order to excel in a fun and challenging sport. The club will provide the basic archery skills and training for fun entertainment, and also optional training for competitions. Club activities include: archery practice, archery safety sessions, with various social activities and events through the semester. Formation of a Competitive Archery team to participate in any archery competitions if interest and participation is sufficient.
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Month of Elections: March
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Matheny, Jackson Vice-President jtm8743
McLaughlin, Rebecca Treasurer rem4404
Bishop, Lindsey Secretary lmb6116
Phillips, Summer Secretary skp1860
Faust, Charlene Other Officer crf3913
Whitlock, Marylee Other Officer mtw1989

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Sheuna Battle

Reservation Delegates
Phillips, Summer skp1860
Matheny, Jackson jtm8743

Meeting Information:
Wednesday7:00 pmEvery two weeksCH 111MeetingOpen

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