Student Association of Clinical Research

Enlarge Logo The purpose of this organization is to educate not only students, but the public about the importance of the clinical research industry, as well as UNCW's Clinical Research Program. We are working to unite students with their peers, professors, and industry professionals.
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Month of Elections: September
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Creech, Carrigan President\Primary Contact clc8612
Dominguez, Avery Vice-President aad4549
Prehoda, Jenna Vice-President jlp8635
Carter, Hunter Treasurer hjc2292
Simms, Mallory Treasurer mts1361
Dominguez, Avery Secretary aad4549
Simms, Mallory Other Officer mts1361
Keller, Kevin Other Officer knk8727
Heisler, Callie Other Officer cgh4307
Pilkerton, Devin Other Officer dcp1847
Hagwood, Amanda Other Officer adh8835
Dunn, Allison Other Officer ard1431

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Jared Kerr

Reservation Delegates
Dominguez, Avery aad4549
Creech, Carrigan clc8612

Meeting Information:

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