Active Minds

Enlarge Logo To destigmatize mental health disorders by promoting open, enlightened discussion of mental health; and to create a better life for all who suffer. To capitalize on the energy and dedication of young adults in the fight against the stigma that surrounds mental health disorders, and to educate, enlighten, and empower all young adults to ensure their own mental health before it ever reaches a tragic stage.
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Month of Elections: March
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Lewis, Erin President\Primary Contact edl2915
Harris, Savannah Vice-President snh9988
Tailor, Suchi Other Officer svt9121
Holland, Sarah Other Officer smh5920
Pellerin, Mikaela Other Officer mp5051

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Becca McConn

Reservation Delegates
Lewis, Erin edl2915

Meeting Information:
Tuesday6:00pmEvery two weeksCH 211MeetingOpen

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