Campus Crusade for Christ

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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Rice, Constance President\Primary Contact csr8646
Confroy, Nicole Vice-President nmc3336
Tripp, Timothy Vice-President tmt5249
Fowler, Laura Vice-President lbf2848
Marinakis, Olivia Vice-President omm2337
Whitley, Justin Treasurer jtw8709
Capps, Jacob Treasurer jc4700
Flynn, Catherine Secretary caf4288
Perry, Nicholas Secretary nap1117
Curtis, Emilee Secretary ehc6181

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Reece Johnson

Reservation Delegates
Curtis, Emilee ehc6181
Rice, Constance csr8646

Meeting Information:
Thursday7:30pmWeeklyWarwick Cru Weekly MeetingOpen

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